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Poetry of Antonio Camacho Jr. Touching the sea essence with their noses old men by the seashore sails up ... Flags waving good-bye gulls laughing Don Coto's face brown and wrinkled smiles from here to ear,prepares for the voyage To gather bounty...From the land the sea to see The coconut trees...leaves rubbing against each other Waiting for their daily drinks to arrive The sun plays peek-a-boo with the rolling clouds of white and blue Men loading their cargo Their wives saddened ,tears flowing,nearby laughter Joselito, Negrita and Tony...chasing down fiddlers by the Mangrooves,oblivious they is just fun and games Atop the hill...the river flows endlessly Mi Madre Maria at the river bed Washing clothes under the Firey Flamboyan She's beautiful radiant, black hair, green eyes, strong yet ... Loving she was... i miss her My family, Mi familia, My people, me gente, My culture, mi cultura, mi india Borincana with your music of... love,lif