Friday, April 24, 2009

Feliz Cumpleaños a La Casa Azul Bookstore

On the reading corner

La Casa Azul celebrates one year anniversary as online store today

So much has happened since the website launched in 2008; we've had book readings, signings, and book clubs in local venues. Incredible collaborations have been created with organizations and writers who believe in La Casa Azul Bookstore, in its mission and purpose. I want to thank the bookstore supporters who read the newsletter, attend events and buy books online.

Here are 10 ways to continue supporting La Casa Azul Bookstore:

1. Buy your books online,
2. Join the Barrio Book Club.
3. Attend our local events.
4. Volunteer at an event.
5. Be a part of the Founding Familia, be a bookstore investor!
6. Be our friend on Facebook.
7. Follow La Casa Azul Bookstore on Twitter.
8. Forward this entry to 10 friends!
9. Host a book reading at your school/class/club/organization.
10. Buy your books online,

Once La Casa Azul Bookstore opens its doors, East Harlem will have a place to celebrate and feature Latino literature for years to come. Celebrate La Casa Azul Bookstore's birthday at the "Dia del Niño/ Dia del Libro" event on Saturday April 25th. --Aurora Anaya-Cerda

Aurora Anaya-Cerda is the owner of La Casa Azul Bookstore and a contributing writer to Puerto Rico Sun.
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