Thursday, March 26, 2009

Empire of Desire at MediaNoche

Featured exhibition

Empire of Desire
A multi-screen installation by Ted Ciesielski
March 28 – May 2
Gallery hours: 1 to 7 p.m. and by appointment, Wednesday through Saturday
Opening Reception: 6-8 p.m., Saturday March 28
Artist's talk: 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 16

MediaNoche, Manhattan’s Uptown gallery devoted to new media, presents Empire of Desire, a multiscreen installation by Ted Ciesielski.

The phallic cliché of the Empire State Building returns as a modern-day totem privileging women through its projections. A woman's body becomes a pliable and supple surface for viewing not so much the classic nude but images of the Empire State Building that conceal her.

Ciesielski creates an elusive metaphor of power that weds steel and brick to flesh, resolving the public and private spheres in a manner closer to pornography than art and rendering such distinctions senseless by the brute force of the imaging. Think Abu Ghraib.

For Ciesielski the "installation is a visual bridge between sexuality and architecture in New York City: Multi-screen, multi-color, multi-woman, and one desire. It is the result of many years of seduction from both sides."


Tadeusz "Ted" Ciesielski is a filmmaker from Poland, where he studied at the famed Lodz Film Academy. During the eighties, he directed music videos for KULT, SIEKIERA, and Cityzen GC. In the nineties, he travelled with a film camera throughout Europe and China, eventually settling in New York City. His obsession with urban landscapes results in highly personal and interpretive projects about the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building, billboards, oil tanks and garbage. Some titles are: Requiem 2001, My Empire, Last Letter, and My Gates.

Judith Escalona, director’s statement
Our media practice is rooted in community, utilizing technology as a tool for transgressing the dynamic, cultural space of Spanish Harlem in order to engage, incite, and transform the dialectics of alternity and marginalization.

MediaNoche, a project of
MediaNoche is the place where art, technology and community converge. We offer artists working in new media exhibition space and residencies in order to provoke a dialogue that blurs all lines of marginality and alternity.

Unique among arts and technology groups in New York, MediaNoche is directly linked to the oldest Latino community of the city, Spanish Harlem, and has showcased a roster of local and international new media artists.

1355 Park Avenue, Corner store at 102nd Street, Manhattan
For more information, (212) 828-0401 or visit

source: MediaNoche

Note: Judith Escalona will talk to PRSUN Radio next Wednesday night at See related entry below.
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