Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boricua astronaut is nuestro orgullo

Que orgullo, a boricua is getting ready to go to space. Un verdadero orgullo. Como dicen, boricua hasta en la luna.

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1st Puerto Rican astronaut, Joe Acaba, carries pride in heritage

Ralph Acaba will never forget the day his son Joe called to let him know his life had astronomically changed.

"He called me at work, so I answered as I used to do, 'Hi, this is Ralph,' and my job title," said the father, who was a private-school administrator. "He said, 'Hi, this is Joe, astronaut.' There are very few things in life that one remembers forever."

Nearly five years after that phone call, the Acaba family is counting the days until Joe's first trip aboard space shuttle Discovery, which is scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center on Feb. 12.

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Borinkeando said...

Vi las noticias de Wapa Tv. y le hicieron una tremenda entrevista desde su centro de trabajo. Es como tu dices, Yo seria borincano aunque naciera en la luna... esa canciĆ³n de Roy Brown me fascina. Orgullo Boricua!!