Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Thanks for your Support

Dear Readers and Supporters of Puerto Rico Sun Communications,

On behalf of Puerto Rico Sun Communications, which publishes the Puerto Rico Sun cultural news and photoblog at www.prsun.blogspot.com and the Bronx Latino lifestyle blog at www.bronxlatino.blogspot.com, I thank you for being a loyal reader and supporter and wish you a Merry Christmas.
Puerto Rico Sun Communications is a boricua-owned social entrepreneurship community media entity aimed at empowering, informing and building community.
I write to ask you to help support the Puerto Rico Sun and Bronx Latino independent community multimedia projects. Visit the blogs and see what we have done so far in community.
There are several ways you can help. These include becoming an official PRSUN Friend, Family or Angel and having your name publicly listed in our contributor's honor roll, making an individual contribution online or by mail, and shopping at the various PRSUN/Bronx Latino stores. Check out the blogs for the links.
As you know, Puerto Rico Sun Communications' cause is animal rights. Another way you can support our work is by contributing to PRSUN's fundraising drive for the ASPCA with a minimum $10 donation. Help PRSUN do good. Visit www.change.org/profiles/prsun. Or, look in this blog for the PRSUN for the ASPCA widget with the photo of Sol, the mascot of Puerto Rico Sun Communications, and click.
Your gift will be helpful in taking the Puerto Rico Sun and Bronx Latino community multimedia projects to the next level.
I hope you will step up and help me keep publishing Puerto Rico Sun and Bronx Latino. This is community media pa' ti.
Again, thanks for your readership and your support.

Clarisel Gonzalez
editor, www.prsun.blogspot.com
editor, www.bronxlatino.blogspot.com
Puerto Rico Sun Communications
318 E. 149 St. #106
Bronx, NY 10451
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