Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puerto Rican Sun is a Bronx Gem

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Puerto Rican Sun is on 156th Street and Fox Avenue in the Bronx. It is too bad that there is no sign with the name of this piece of public art or the artist who did it. That's a real shame because this is a piece of history in the Bronx. This steel sculpture of palm trees and the sun is by boricua artist Rafael Ferrer. Something should be done to better preserve this artwork that dates to 1979 and to better inform residents and visitors about its significance in the Bronx. Visitors just see this giant artwork, and there's no information posted. The Fox playground could be better kept too actually.

For more info. on the Puerto Rican sculpture, check out this link with some of the history

I, of course, love its name Puerto Rican Sun. After all, my blog is named Puerto Rico Sun as well as one of my favorite photo groups on flickr: Puerto Rico Sun at -- Clarisel Gonzalez
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