Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Social Networking Space for Boricuas

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Boricuation Cultural Foundation (BCF) spearheads a Boricua social network named Boricuation Cultural Space (BCS). Created to introduce and unite Puerto Ricans from all over the world. To bring them closer via the internet, for them to express themselves on a forum created for them by Puerto Ricans. The focus is not to exclude ourselves from other Latin nations, but to unite ourselves and express our struggles in identifying our own issues through communications and expressions on BCS, therefore educating ourselves and other nations on Puerto Rican history and culture.

We encourage everyone to join this special website, but remember to focus on educating and empowering each other so we can better understand ourselves. Bring your own taste of Boricua culture. Share and relate stories, photos, videos, comments, ideals and everything Boricua. We are all making history here and our history is vast and diverse, so let's get together and vibe on the real issues affecting our present day accomplishments and struggles. Let's address and document this special time in our history. At the same time we learn to progress, to move forward with the enlightenment of our history and culture together, united.

Thank you all in advance in joining us!

Visit to check it out.

Thanks to for providing this forum.


Jose Medina
Boricuation Cultural Foundation
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