Monday, May 26, 2008

In the Mailbox

Dear Friend,

Enclosed is the invitation to my exhibition " Free Registry: Encounter, Mythology and Reality," which will open on June 5th through September 7th at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico). I am also including the following addresses:

A flat monitor embedded on the installation "Spirit of Slaves" 2007-2008 will display the "Free Registry Blog web page" with your comments and pictures, and an interactive web page showing the transcriptions and translations of fragments of the Registry of Slaves of The Village of Ponce of 1852 will be display next to it.

Please take a few minutes to reflect on this topic and write some comments for this blog.

Thank You,

Diógenes Ballester

Editor's Note: See related May 19 entry posted right here in the PRSUN blog.
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