Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Museum to honor Latino culture and history advances

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The House votes to create a commission to look into building the National Museum of the American Latino in the nation's capital.

WASHINGTON -- Four years ago, a museum celebrating the history and culture of Native Americans opened at the east end of the National Mall. Within a decade, one honoring the contributions of African Americans will be erected on the west end, near the Washington Monument. Yet Latinos, the nation's largest and fastest-growing minority, have no museum of their own in the nation's capital.
But the National Museum of the American Latino came one step closer to reality Tuesday when the House, by a vote of 291 to 117, approved legislation that includes creation of a commission to study the feasibility of building such a facility. For more, go to,1,496988.story

Editor's Note: The history of Puerto Ricans in the United States (and even on the island) must play a prominent role if this museum ever becomes a reality.
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