Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comedians Bring Laughs to El Barrio

Four Latino comedians Eric Nieves, Arnold Acevedo (who served as master of ceremonies), Eddie Morales and Herbie Quinones brought a few laughs to East Harlem earlier this month when they performed at Cemi Underground. The comedians say their style of humor comes from a Latino point of view.
“Our comedy is in English,” Nieves said. “Then again all of us perform something that is pure Latino: from rice and beans to dominoes and the jive-talk we heard from our parents growing up.”
The majority of their performance was based on their growing up Latino, home experiences, and culture.
Their performance at Cemi Underground was a fine mixture of comedy, audience participation, monologue, and poetry. -- Ismael Nunez

(In the photo, from left, Eric Nieves, Arnold Acevedo, Hector Caraballo, Kimberly Morales, Eddie Morales, and Herbie Quinones, pose before their performance in East Harlem).
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