Monday, March 24, 2008

Spotlight: Bobby Sanabria

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Photo of Bobby Sanabria @ the BETA (Bronx Excellence in Television Access) awards, Bronxnet's version of the Emmy

Featured article

Bobby Sanabria: Afro-Cuban Storyteller
By Jason Crane

Bobby Sanabria is a living museum of Afro-Cuban music. Sanabria is a percussionist, drummer and educator who is at the forefront of Afro-Cuban music—particularly the frontier where it intersects with jazz. In 2007, Sanabria released Big Band Urban Folktales (Jazzheads, 2007), an album he says takes the music “beyond the 21st century.” Jason Crane, AAJ contributor and host of The Jazz Session, sat down with Sanabria in May 2007 to talk about the history of Afro-Cuban music, Sanabria's own career, and “The Ugliest Man In America.” For more on the article published at All About Jazz, go to
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