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Rincon Criollo Stage

Rincon Criollo Stage
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Internships with the Rincón Criollo Cultural Center, Inc. in the South Bronx

Part of Rincon Criollo's collaboration with local residents and institutions is through internships and short-term independent projects.

The Rincón Criollo Cultural Center has been an oasis of Puerto Rican history and traditions in the South Bronx for over 30 years. Founded in 1987, this incredible community garden also serves as an important cultural center, which is internationally recognized as a "school and performance" space featuring bomba and plena, traditional musical expressions of Puerto Rico's African legacy and it's current working class. Rincón Criollo is regularly visited by community leaders, foreign dignitaries and students of Puerto Rican and Latino culture.

Because the Rincón Criollo Cultural Center has a limited staff and is growing rapidly, interns have the opportunity for invaluable hands-on cultural and educational experience tailored to fit their individual talents and interests.

Internships are offered year-round. While internships are unpaid, they offer invaluable professional experience in the field of cultural development.

Majors/Minors who might be interested:
Non-Profit Management/Administration, Puerto Rican/Latino Studies, Ethnomusicology, Music, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Museum/Archival Studies, Education, Marketing/Tourism, Journalism, etc.

Interns in the education department will be required to assist in organizing programs and events.

Fundraising interns will assist staff in planning fundraising events. Interns in this department will also write grant proposals and identify funding sources.

Non-Profit Management:
Management interns will gain some experience in all of the categories listed above as well as handling personnel; working with boards and committees; facility design and management; legal aspects and other unique aspects of running a non-profit organization.

Contact: Carlos "Tato" Torres
Tel: (347) 584-8915
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