Thursday, November 08, 2007

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PR Freedom Album

The Welfare Poets, The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, Boricuation, Raza NYC and other concerned organizations and individuals have come together to collaborate on a fund raising project to directly aid the current Puerto Rican Political Prisoners, incarcerated for fighting for the independence and self-determination of Puerto Rico. Additionally, we also want to assist past political prisoners who have been freed and are now attempting to survive in a system where many channels are closed to them, and even possibly future political prisoners.
The Freedom Album with be a musical cd/compilation dedicated to the welfare of our political prisoners. We have united under the name The Puerto Rican Freedom Project.
The Puerto Rican Freedom Project has begun to contact Puerto Rican artists of all genres across the US, on the island and elsewhere to let them know about the project and to initiate the process of song submission. Our desire to get a wide range of Puerto Rican artists from the local grass-rooted bands to those who are mainstreamed and have the eye of the world press. Submissions will be taken until December 31st of 2007 and should be sent initially in MP3 format to

The fight for Puerto Rico's Independence goes as far back as indigenous resistance to Spanish occupation. For well over 500 years, countless and nameless individuals have fought for our islands sovereignty. Some have paid the ultimate price with their lives. Others have been held captive, arrested against their will, by a court which held no jurisdiction over their cases and tramples on their international right to fight for the liberation of their homeland, our homeland, Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican people have been able to free many of our political prisoners.
Our goal is to have the compilation completed by the end of the summer 2008. We have been contacting other Puerto Rican organizations and cultural institutions to assist in sponsoring the proposed project.
For more information - or or -

Jose Medina
Director – Promotion/Publicity Committee
Puerto Rican Freedom Project
Cell: 917 843 6419
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