Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A Media Justice Film & Video Screening

Thursday, Nov. 29
@ Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Open Studio, 1st Floor
537 West 59th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenues)
(light refreshments included)

Join Media Action Grassroots Network (MAGNet) and Global Action Project (G.A.P.) for a night of social justice and media justice films, and poetry featuring local political poet Roopa Singh aka Naxal.

Here's the Line-up for of media justice and social change films:

"Silenced by the Media" (11 minutes)
by Papertiger Television
In support of Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media (AWAAM) youth media program, Paper Tiger contributed a video mentor to assist the youth at AWAAM in producing this 11-minute piece debunking the myths of the corporate media around the Khalil Gibran International Academy controversy. The video includes interview with young Muslim women who talk about the impact of negative media stereotypes of the Muslim community and the Academy.

"Talking the Walk" (13m, 40 sec)
In 2000, 2 Latino teenagers were convicted of the murder of their friend, though the prosecutor and judge knew that a white teenaged boy had committed the crime. This film takes a critical look at the impact of news media and successful grassroots media advocacy on the outcome of the case.

“What’s Up with Public Housing” (7 minutes)
by Center for Urban Pedagogy & Public Housing Residents of the Lower East Side (PHROLES)
The video features PHROLES and their efforts to organize low-income public housing resident.

"Good Lookin’ Out" (11 minutes)
by C. Sala Hewitt at Chica Luna Productions
A tale of police brutality in the LGBTQ community

"Asian Youth Unite Against Hate Violence" (5:31 mins.)
by Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund
Young people respond to anti-Asian violence at Brooklyn’s Lafayette High School

"Unheard Voices" (6 mins.)
by Global Action Project
"Unheard Voices" exposes the act of police brutality and the many lives stolen at the hands of law enforcement and border patrol agents. This film opens with the police killing of Sean Bell in Jamaica, Queens on November 26, 2006 followed by the gun down of 19 years old Timur Person, in the Bronx two weeks after the Bell shooting. (5.32 mins, BBC, 2007)

"Aliens v. Predators" (3 mins)
by Global Action Project
Each year 60,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from high schools across the United States. With recruiters falling short of their targets and casualties mounting in Iraq and Afghanistan, these young people are increasingly being targeted by military recruiters. Aliens Vs Predators is an uncompromising call for justice from a diverse group of young immigrants in New York City.

"Pipeline" (11 mins.)
by Global Action Project
The summer of 2004 saw the lowest youth employment rate in NYC in over two decades. While youth struggle to get a decent education and jobs for teens are at an all-time low, funding for jails and detention centers continue to increase. G.A.P. youth spent the summer exploring this connection and produced a creative reflection on this enduring problem.

"Grassroots Media Activism" (8min, 30sec)
a film by Joan Grossman
As media consolidation grows, so does the strength of grassroots media activism. This film explores the challenges and opportunities faced by local communities across the country demanding media policy in their interests and fighting for their right to speak for themselves.


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