Saturday, November 03, 2007


Community Calendar

CINE_REAL: Two exhibitions about film.

* Judith Escalona's "Bx3M: A work in process"
* Hector Canonge's "IDOLatries/IDOLatrías"

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8, 6PM - 8PM
Exhibition: November 8 - December 20
Gallery hours: Wed - Sat, 3pm - 7pm

1355 Park Avenue, entrance on East 102nd Street, Storefront
(the Northeast corner of East 102nd Street and Park Avenue, El Barrio)

For info: or 212-828-0401


Project Descriptions:

Judith Escalona's "Bx3M: A work in process"
Witness firsthand the ongoing editing of this New York City epic. The director and invited guests (Director of Photography Ted Ciesielski and Actor Jaime Sanchez for starters) go through a performative process of editing. Visitors watch and interact with them. Behind the scenes footage also on display.

Hector Canonge's "IDOLatries/IDOLatrías""
An interactive new media work utilizing barcode and readers to bring attention to yet another way women are objectified. Barcode takes us one more step away from seeing these luscious Latinas on boxes, cans,and jars as anything other than their use value. Consumer heaven or hell, depending on which side of the supermarket aisle you're on.
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