Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Dear Media Reformer,

If you're getting this e-mail, you already know that universal, affordable high-speed Internet access is critical to our future.

Unfortunately, most of us have been left out of the debate over the future of the Internet that is happening right now in Washington. High-priced lobbyists have no trouble bending the ears of lawmakers in Washington. But you and I rarely get the
chance to be heard.

That's about to change. On Wednesday, Senator Kerry is holding a hearing on improving Internet access for all Americans. He has pledged to listen to your ideas and respond via the blog. It is crucial that you add your voice to this debate.

Join Senator Kerry in a Conversation about the Future of the Internet:

"It's almost hard to wrap your head around the fact that seven years into this century, more Americans than not have either no Internet access at all or are still stuck on dial-up," Senator Kerry writes. "It seems like so long ago that the buzzword was the 'information super-highway,' but much of America is still
bouncing down a country lane. That is just unacceptable."

America continues to fall further behind the rest of the world when it comes to fast, affordable Internet access. That's because we don't have a national broadband policy dedicated to bringing the benefits of the Internet to everyone.

Share Your Ideas About How to Connect America:

"Previous generations put a toaster in every home and a car in every driveway as signs of economic progress," Senator Kerry explains. "To stay competitive, we should strive to do the same with nationwide broadband. Our economy, our businesses and our
families are counting on us to deliver."

This could be the start of a truly public conversation of what the future of the Internet should look like. Please join us and share your comments and ideas.


Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

P.S. Please help spread the word about this important
initiative. Tell your friends today:
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