Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Puerto Rican Day Parade "RMIX" Exhibit

Celebrate a Virtual Puerto Rican Day Parade

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The "Puerto Rican Day Parade, Remix on FLICKR" group is a companion to a live art exhibit titled: "Puerto Rican Day Parade, Remix" which is scheduled to open Wednesday, 6 June 2007 at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center located on 107 Suffolk Street, New York NY 10002 (212) 260-4080 This group exhibit is being co-curated by art historian Dr. Yasmin Ramirez, and artist Luis Carle who is the Director of OPART, Inc., the arts organization that is presenting this exhibit.

In the spirit of the "real-time" exhibit in NYC, this online virtual "Puerto Rican Day Parade, Remix on FLICKR" represents an historical first. Not counting "live video-streaming" of actual parades, this may be the very first "virtual" Puerto RIcan Day Parade, ever!

Welcome to the're there! This cyber parade offers an alternative venue for articulating our cultural symbols and icons while celebrating the political, emotional and spiritual meaning that these symbols authentically bring forth in us.

For those of you who are nearby but unable to attend, or are part of the “Rican” Diaspora in far flung parts around the globe, this group invites you to participate by commenting and posting images of past and or future Puerto Rican Day Parades (PRDP). Those of you who will be attending PRDPs in your geographical area, please submit your images to this group and tell us how it was for you!

These images can be straightforward, reality based, whimsical or fantasies of alternative reality parades. Your sincerity, good humor and respect for diverse opinions will earn you extra participant points.

Though we are united in our ethnic pride, it is understood that within this unity there is also diversity. That having been said, there will be no ideological or artistic litmus test applied here though we ask you to use your best judgment based on your own personal sense of excellence and good taste. The idea is to have fun, think, laugh and celebrate our “Puertoriqueñidad”, not just among ourselves, but the world.
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