Friday, March 10, 2006

source: NCLR

NCLR Releases its Pro-Latino Voter Guide

NCLR has released its new NCLR Voter Guide to assist Latino voters in the upcoming 2006 election. The NCLR Voter Guide provides an overview of some of the key issues facing the Latino community in areas such as access to health care, civic engagement, education, criminal justice, economic opportunities, immigration, and jobs and the workforce. The guide also outlines what policy positions a candidate or incumbent would need to have to be considered "pro-Hispanic."

"We are a strongly nonpartisan, bipartisan institution which realizes that enacting legislation to improve the lives of this nation's 41 million Latinos cannot be done without the help and support of members of Congress from both sides of the aisle," continued Murguía. "This guide provides information not only to voters but also to elected officials who are interested in reaching out to our community."

The NCLR Voter Guide is available free of charge on NCLR's website,
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