Sunday, January 29, 2006


YERBABUENA is a group of young Boricua and Latino musicians, singers and dancers who
come together to play the music that they love under the musical direction of singer-composer-musician Tato Torres, sharing an intense passion for the musical traditions of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The last thing that will come to your mind while at a YERBABUENA event is that you're watching a show. It feels more like a cross between a jam in the park, a
spiritual ceremony and a family reunion.

The music they play is, by nature, participatory. Whether bomba, plena or musica jibara, it's all interactive. And being witness to their vibrant sounds, just leaves the audience no choice but to join in the singing and dance to the beat of the drums. After a YERBABUENA session, you'll be uplifted, tired and happy.

Visit the band's website for more info. and free music downloads: and (

Source: Yerbabuena
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