Tuesday, January 17, 2006

'Massarican' Poet

'Massarican' Poet
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WHEN: 12:30 p.m., Jan. 26
WHERE: Bronxnet's Channel 69, Bronx, NY
WHAT: Voices For the Voiceless poetry event

Nuyorican poet Jaime "Shaggy" Flores is among the poets featured.

According to bio information provided:
"Shaggy Flores is a graduate and scholar from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelors Degree on the African Diaspora. He follows in the tradition of Arturo Schomburg and Louis Reyes Rivera. Shaggy is a new generation Nuyorican Poet, Writer, Scholar, Artist using the word to preserve communities. His poetry challenges the myths of stereotypes and racial superiority. Shaggy’s poetry has been read at many venues throughout the Northeast including: Columbia University, Colgate, Syracuse, Cornell, William & Mary, Old Dominion, UMASS, Northeast Latino student conference, Boston’s Revolution Bookstore, Agueybana bookstore, the Edward James Olmos Spring ’98 lecture, and the Muevete youth Conference. He is considered to be one of the new Nuyorican voices of his generation. His agenda for world domination can be found in his first published book Sancocho - A Book of Nuyorican Poetry, The Anthologies Role Call and Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam, both edited by Tony Medina [the latter co-edited with Louis Reyes Rivera], Nuyorican Dreams & Yemaya Y Ochun - the live Voices for the Voiceless poetry concert albums, and the website www.shaggyflores.com. He is the founder of the annual “Voices for the Voiceless” poetry concert that occurs in the five-college Umass-Amherst area. Shaggy Flores is also the founder of the “Urban Arts Project” and the Dark Souls Arts Collective that serve as Networks for African Diaspora artists."
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