Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Sweet Minister
By Samaris Ayala

My minister sweet minister. He touched many lives,
yet he is humble.
When I call he speaks with much sympathy.
His name is Reverend Alfredo Cotto - Thorner

I remember the Thanksgiving dinners at the church for
the poor.
I remember you inviting my fiancé and I to dinner.
I remember you visiting me in the hospital.
I remember you never talking about hell in the
I remember giving me a 350 dollar scholarship from
the church.
I remember when I went away, you asked the
congregation to mail me cards.
I remember you praying for my family, even when my
poppy was mean.
I remember you starting a substance abuse half-way
I remember you giving me permission to have a
I remember you helping my mom, when she was confused.
I remember sending me postcards when you were on
I remember letting me teach Sunday school to the
I remember giving me Christmas gifts.
I remember how you allowed me to get close to your
wife, Mrs. C
I remember when you gave me discipline, when poppy
wasn't around.
I remember having summer camp for the children, and
allowing me to be a counselor.
I remember you teaching me Spanish folk songs.
I remember you welcoming my boyfriends to church.
I remember Sunday mornings, we were a family.
You made me happy.

New York City-based writer Samaris Ayala contributes her poetry to Puerto Rico Sun. This poem is dedicated to her minister. You may reach her at
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