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MNN COMMUNITY MEDIA GRANTS WORKSHOP (Aqui se habla español)Tuesday, February 8, 6PM

2005 Community Media GrantsAvailable to 501c3 nonprofits and community organizations based in
Manhattan. (Individuals should come too!)


Read the grant description and download forms.

(Let's get the money for our projects now!)

PRdream/MNN Satellite Community Television Facility
161 East 106th Street, First Floor
(between Lexington and Third Avenues)

For info call: 212.828.0401, between the hours of 3PM and 6PM, or
email us at



"The space beyond silence"
--a site-specific collaborative project exploring perception

Artists : Jamie Allen, Helen Dennis, Yoona Kang, Eileen Mack, La Manga
Curated by: Mónica Núñez Laiseca

February 10 - March 3, 2005

OPENING RECEPTION: : Thursday, Feb. 10, 6-8 pm
ARTIST TALK: Saturday, Feb. 19, 4-6 pm

Guided by Spanish curator Mónica Núñez, "the space beyond silence" is a
site-specific collaboration between artists from different cultures and
media. The exhibition examines how distraction affects our ability to
perceive, and seeks to reveal a dimension within reality where we can
"re-enchant" ourselves with our perceptions. This is the dimension
defined in the exhibition as the space beyond silence.
Upon entering the gallery, a backdrop of large-scale photographic
drawings reflects the urban streetscape beyond the gallery walls. At certain
times of the day, the views captured in these drawings frame the projection
of a dance piece by La Manga that has been rehearsed in the gallery late at
night. Gallery visitors looking at these images are videotaped by
surveillance cameras that trace their movements in the space. An old TV
monitor juxtaposes the surveillance videos to footage of a video
performance in which a sleepless Yoona Kang gets ready to cook a technological soup. A soundtrack made with pre-recorded, whispering sounds, scores the exhibition.
"The space beyond silence" features works by Jamie Allen (Canada),
Helen Dennis (U.K.), Yoona Kang (Korea), Eileen Mack (Australia) and La Manga
(Mexico). Through common sounds, images and visceral performance each
artist explores the idea of silence in relation to sensory experience,
perception, and location.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"The Space Beyond Silence" is presented as part of "PLACE" -- a
year-long series of exhibitions that explore the role of network technologies in
transcultural experience organized by MediaNoche.


MediaNoche provides artist residencies and exhibition space for artists
working in new media. The first of its kind, MediaNoche seeks to
connect Spanish Harlem, a.k.a. El Barrio to all parts of the globe that
recognize its long history of music, art, poetry and dance.


MediaNoche is located at 161 East 106th Street, in the cultural
corridor of Spanish Harlem, just blocks from Museum Mile. The gallery is open
Tuesday through Friday, from 3PM to 7PM and by appointment. For more
information, visit or call 212.828.0401.

# # #

MediaNoche is a project of and acknowledges support from:
NY Foundation, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Lower Manhattan Cultural
Council, The Fund for Creative Communities, and former NY State Senator
Olga Mendez.

source: Judith Escalona, director

161 East 106th Street
Empowering community through technology
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