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Puerto Ricans in the US and the 2010 Census: 100 years and still counting ... a reflection

Commentary By Victor Vázquez-Hernández In the closing days of 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau began to release the data collected earlier this year. For Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora (US-based), the 2010 census has a particular historical meaning --- it marks the 100th anniversary since the first US Census, back in 1910, started counting Puerto Ricans as a separate group. It would be a good time for our community to take stock of where we are and how far we have come in one century. For the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights (NCPRR), which will be hosting its 9th National Puerto Rican Convention in Miami on October 7-9, 2011, these new data present us with the opportunity to put together a status report on Puerto Ricans in the U.S.. What will the data from the 2010 Census tell us? What long-term comparisons can we make about our presence in the US? Puerto Ricans were present in the US since before 1910, and have been here, in some cities in particular, for some five generation

Have a Merry Christmas

Thank you Puerto Rico Sun readers, visitors, advertisers, supporters...Have a Merry Christmas. PRSUN is going on Christmas break. (photo by Clarisel Gonzalez)

Come join us at the Mott Haven slideATHON in the Bronx

Tomorrow I am participating in the Mott Haven slideATHON, a showcase of Bronx artists. I will share some of my Bronx images. I selected the photos to display with the feedback of my followers of my photo page at Facebook. The slideATHON will be at the Bruckner Bar & Grill in the Bronx. Admission is free. For more information about the show, go to Hope to see you there.

Puerto Rico, USA Makes Quality Promise to the World: PUERTO RICO DOES IT BETTER!

Puerto Rico, USA Makes Quality Promise to the World: PUERTO RICO DOES IT BETTER! UPDATE: Listen to a related interview on PRSUN Radio with Jose Ramon Perez-Riera, secretary of economic development and commerce. Go to PRSUN Radio .

PRSUN Radio chats with Coqui Masters' Debbie Quinones

PRSUN Radio at 9 p.m. tomorrow Update: To listen to the interview with Debbie Quinones of the International Coquito Federation, go to PRSUN Radio .

Thank you PRSUN

I want to thank all PRSUN readers, visitors, social media followers, supporters and advertisers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Que dios los bendiga. Clarisel Gonzalez editor and publisher Puerto Rico Sun Communications

NYC Marathon in the Bronx

A yearly tradition Photo by Clarisel Gonzalez To view more photos, go to

Happy Puerto Rican Heritage Month

Boricuas in New York City are celebrating with an array of cultural, art, educational, and community events throughout this month. Here are some useful links to stay connected: Comite Noviembre Borimix There is a lot going on. Happy Puerto Rican Heritage Month.

Comité Noviembre Kicks-Off Puerto Rican Heritage Month in NYC

Community calendar Heritage committee honors Puerto Rican community leaders and outstanding scholars: Anita Antonetty , community organizer; Javier E. Gomez , actor/reporter, community volunteer; Frances Lucerna , Executive Director, El Puente; Yesenia Aponte-Meléndez , El Punto de la Montaña; Brenda Jimenez Peralta , Associate Director of Agency Development/North East Region, Big Brother, Big Sister of America; Lance Rios , President & CEO, Being Latino, Inc.; Jose Santiago , News Director WBAI; George Torres , Founder, Sofrito for Your Soul & Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase. Members of Taller Boricua ( Marcos Dimas , Fernando Salicrup , Nitza Tufiño and Irma Ayla ) will receive special recognition for promoting and supporting community artists and cultural diversity. CN Scholarship Recipients, Continuing Scholars and Richie Perez Peace and Justice Scholars will also be honored. What: The “Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad” Awards recognize outstanding individuals wh

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PRSUN Radio chats with artist Olga Ayala

Listen to my interview with polymer artist Olga Ayala of Staten Island, NY. Find out who first inspired her art and more at

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Listen to PRSUN Radio's interview with Being Latino's Lance Rios

Last night, I interviewed Being Latino's Lance Rios for PRSUN Radio. Being Latino is one of Facebook's most popular Latino pages. Lance spoke about his vision for Being Latino and more. Check out his interview at . The show is archived and available online. If you have ideas of future guests for PRSUN Radio, e-mail me at prsunradio (at) PRSUN Radio, a cultural talk show, highlights Puerto Ricans and the Diaspora.

Scenes from the 'Bronx Blogger Fiesta: A Community Mixer' on Aug. 31st

www. flick r .com clarisel's Bronx Blogger Fiesta: A Community Mixer photoset

The melancholy soul

Pensamientos the melancholy soul is found in our jibaro music with its child called salsa -- Samaris Ayala Samaris Ayala of NY's Lower East Side contributes her writings to Puerto Rico Sun.

On vacation

Hi everyone, I have decided to take a break from the business. Please follow PRSUN @ Twitter. Thanks for your support. @prsun

NY Latino Community Examiner: The Blackout

Things to do Read my post at NY Latino Community Examiner

ORLANDO LATINO™: Is Puerto Rico Shrinking?

ORLANDO LATINO™: Is Puerto Rico Shrinking? Check out Maria Padilla's post in today's Orlando Latino.

The Latino Digital Divide

Latinos and Technology The Native Born Lead the Foreign Born When it comes to the use of technology among Latinos, nativity plays an important role. Internet use and cell phone use are much higher among native-born Latinos than among foreign-born Latinos. And among young Latinos ages 16 to 25, the native born are more likely than the foreign born to use mobile technology to communicate daily with their friends. These findings emerge from two new analyses of a nationwide survey of Latinos ages 16 and older by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. Fully 85% of native-born Latinos go online while just half of foreign-born Latinos do so. And when it comes to cell phone use among Latinos, 80% of the native born use one, compared with 72% of the foreign born. Results also reveal that use of a cell phone or the internet among adult Hispanics still significantly lags behind non-Hispanics. Among those ages 18 and older, only 64% of Latinos go online, compared wit

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Did you know that Puerto Rico Sun has its very own social network. Members include entrepreneurs, writers, artists, educators and even a lawyer or two. It is a diverse group of movers and shakers. If you are a mover and shaker in the Puerto Rican community, you might want to join our social network. You can even customize your own page. Come join us at Puerto Rico Sun Yes, PRSUN is on Facebook and Twitter, but it is nice to have a social network of our own. Membership to the PRSUN network is exclusive and limited, so hurry and share your news and events with us. Clarisel

Spreading the Sunshine Award

Spreading the Sunshine Award Thanks to Efrain Ortiz Jr. for honoring Puerto Rico Sun with The Sunshine Award. LOL, Bronx Latino honored Efrain's Corner with a Sunshine too. There's a lot of sunshine spreading in the Puerto Rico Sun community. )

It's my blogosversary!

Happy blogosversary to me...Happy blogosversary to me...Happy blogosversary to me. Wow, it has been SIX YEARS since I have been blogging here on blogspot. While the Puerto Rico Sun project started as an e-magazine project in 2002, it was in 2004 that I started blogging here. I lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, so this blog was born on the island (kind of). These days I have been microblogging more on Twitter and sharing on Facebook and other social networks, but my mission remains the same: to inform, empower and build community. This Puerto Rico Sun blog is just one of the community media and art projects that I am working as part of my independent community media and art business, Puerto Rico Sun Communications. Thanks for being a part of the Puerto Rico Sun community for all these years. Thanks for your continued support of independent community media and art. Remember to follow @prsun on Twitter or "like" us on Facebook or LinkedIn. With love, Clarisel Gonzalez

BRONX LATINO: Serrano Calls for NYC Parks to Honor Bernie Williams at Heritage Field

BRONX LATINO: Serrano Calls for NYC Parks to Honor Bernie Williams at Heritage Field

'NiLP FYI: Puerto Rican Studies Conference - Oct. 21-23, 2010 - Hartford, CT'

'NiLP FYI: Puerto Rican Studies Conference - Oct. 21-23, 2010 - Hartford, CT' Here's an interesting conference coming up that focuses on Puerto Ricans and Diaspora issues. Worth checking out.

ORLANDO LATINO™: Diary of a Mad (Puerto Rican) Mother

Happy Mother's Day Puerto Rico Sun friends. Tonight I thought I'd share this entry by Maria Padilla, Orlando Latino ORLANDO LATINO™: Diary of a Mad (Puerto Rican) Mother

My table @ FastTrac's Spring Biz Expo

Find more photos like this on Puerto Rico Sun Communications

PRSUN Communications to exhibit @ FastTrac's Biz Expo

Hello PRSUN readers and supporters, Puerto Rico Sun Communications is pleased to be part of the lineup of FastTrac's Spring Business Expo at the SUNY Levin Institute this Saturday. And, I invite you to the Expo to celebrate NYC's entrepreneurship spirit in these challenging times. I'd love to see you there. About 30 businesses are expected to participate. I am a proud graduate of FastTrac's GrowthVenture Program for entrepreneurs. Here's a link with more information on the event: Check out this event at PRSUN's page @ Facebook

MassMutual Expands Scholarship Program, Helping Students Realize Dreams

Education Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (MassMutual) is expanding its scholarship program to more states, increasing the number of scholarships, and offering internships in the financial services field to winners. MassMutual is making $135,000 in scholarships available in nine metropolitan areas as part of the program, which is open to students of Hispanic, African-American/Black or Asian/Pacific Islander. High school students from all areas of the country who plan to attend a college or university in these metropolitan areas are also qualified to apply. Applicants for the 27 $5,000 scholarships must meet certain academic criteria, such as having concentrations in the fields of business, economics, finance, financial planning, management, marketing and sales. “When students tell us that our scholarship program could mean the difference between achieving finishing college and dropping out, we are heartened to know that our efforts are paying off, for them and their fam

PRSUN Radio chats with Penumbra's Anthony Fascious Martinez

My upcoming guest on PRSUN Radio is Anthony Fascious Martinez, writer and performer of the award winning Hip-Hop musical Penumbra. For more information, go to my Facebook event page. The show airs live at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday at PRSUN Radio . UPDATE To Listen to the interview:

Rincon, Puerto Rico: Rincon Puerto Rico Film Festival

Rincon, Puerto Rico: Rincon Puerto Rico Film Festival

PRSUN Radio chats with the Rev. Carmen Hernandez

The Rev. Carmen Hernandez of the Bronx is my guest tomorrow night at PRSUN Radio. The Rev. is a recipient of El Diario La Prensa's distinguished woman award this year. She founded and leads the first LGBT Chamber of Commerce in NYC. She's also a community and youth activist. To read her bio, go to my blog at . UPDATE: To listen:

Bronx blogger Ed Garcia Conde chats with PRSUN Radio tonight

Welcome to Melrose blogger Ed Garcia Conde is my guest at 9 p.m. tonight at . For his bio, visit my PRSUN Radio page.

Puerto Rican/Latino & Multicultural Arts Center Directors Respond to Rumors about Name Change

In the mailbox Cultural Center's History to be PRESERVED The Board of Directors as well as the Management of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center in the Lower East Side are proud stewards of a Puerto Rican/Latino multi-cultural center and are tremendously committed to the Center's name and identity as the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center. Clemente Soto Vélez (1905-1993) was a Puerto Rican poet, a nationalist, and a community activist in New York. He mentored many generations of Puerto Ricans and Latinos in Puerto Rico and New York. The Center stands by his name and is assiduously working to enhance the scope of its programming, including artist mentoring and community programming among Puerto Ricans, Latinos and the New York community. Recently an unsubstantiated rumor has been circulating that the board of this Puerto Rican Center for the arts is seeking to erase the history of the Puerto Rican struggle and specifically trying to

DTM Magazine - San Juan: City of Encanto

DTM Magazine - San Juan: City of Encanto Check out my article on one of my favorite places in DTM magazine.

New York League of Puerto Rican Women seeks applicants for its college awards

In the mailbox NEW YORK LEAGUE OF PUERTO RICAN WOMEN, INC. (NYLPRW) Edith Padilla, President Non-Partisan Not-For-Profit Organization P. O. Box 268, Patchogue, New York 11772-0268 edienylprw(at); Dear Friend: We are currently accepting applications for our 2010 College Awards to be presented at our College Awards Gala Dinner Dance at the Marina Del Rey in the Bronx, on Thursday, August 19, 2010. These awards are granted annually to undergraduate Puerto Rican women selected for their academic excellence and service to the community. To be eligible, applicants must send a completed 2010 College Award Application Form to our post office box listed above, by the deadline date of May 29, 2010, and meet all of the following criteria: 1. Currently matriculated as an undergraduate student in an accredited institution of higher education, having earned a minimum of 12 accumulated credits.

Readers: What do you think are the top Puerto Rican-related sites?

Note: This list is aimed at being a resource. The list ranking here is according to the order of submission. That's it. Continue to submit your favorite Puerto Rican-related sites.

PRSUN Radio chats with watercolor artist Clemente Flores

PRSUN Radio is back at 9 p.m. this Wednesday at . My guest is East Harlem-based artist Clemente Flores. Born and raised in East Harlem/El Barrio, Flores is the son of Puerto Ricans. His parents came from Puerto Rico to New York City in the 1930s. He grew up at 112th Street and Madison Avenue, and says he had a "very adventureous childhood in the 50s." "Most of my childhood was spent on the streets playing and hanging out my friends," he says, adding that he grew up with three brothers who also became artists ( musicians). He considers his mother and other family members unsung heores because "they sang beautiful (Puerto Rican folk songs) and wrote poetries but never became known or famous." Clemente is a self taught artist. "I became an artist thanks to my second son who encouraged me to paint and exhibit my art," he says. He started painting in 1985. His first art exhibit was in East Harlem in 1988 at El

'There is no need to rush' to get new Puerto Rico birth certificates in July

In the mailbox Last December the Government of Puerto Rico enacted a new law (Law 191 of 2009) aimed at strengthening the issuance and usage of birth certificates to combat fraud and protect the identity and credit of all people born in Puerto Rico. We are working to ensure that the individuals, communities and institutions that will be impacted by this law have access to complete and accurate information on this topic. Therefore, we kindly request your assistance and collaboration to communicate the facts about this change in law to affected citizens as well as federal, state and local governments. The new law was the result of cooperation with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to address the fraudulent use of Puerto Rico-issued birth certificates to unlawfully obtain U.S. passports, Social Security benefits, and other federal services. Under the new law, all birth certificates issued by Puerto Rico before July 1, 2010, will be invalidat

National Puerto Rican Day Parade Gives Captain Morgan The Boot

Rum Co. Gets $2.7B to Leave PR – Money Would Have Funded Education & Health New York City, NY [CapitalWirePR] March 7, 2010 – The National Puerto Rican Parade, one of America’s largest outdoor events with more than 2 million participants, today announced it is terminating its relationship with the makers of Captain Morgan Rum over the company’s planned abandonment of its Puerto Rican distillery in exchange for taxpayer-funded grants of $2.7 billion that the island needs for health and educational needs. “The corporate sponsorships of Captain Morgan and its British parent, Diageo, PLC, are no longer welcome,” announced Parade Chairperson Madelyn Lugo. Diageo’s brands, Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan, have had a 30 year relationship with the Parade. “This Parade is about pride and respect, and Captain Morgan has shown us neither,” she asserted. “They are abandoning us in exchange for $2.7 billion in taxpayer-funded corporate handouts that would otherwise be used

Mujeres de El Barrio seeks local Puerto Rican women to honor

Nuestra comunidad Join Women of El Barrio/Mujeres de El Barrio at our 8th Annual Women's History Month Celebration as we honor Puerto Rican women that are positive role models in the East Harlem community. Women of El Barrio (WOEB) promotes the leadership of Puerto Rican women regardless of age, sexual orientation, religious preferences, political affiliations or socio-economic status. Through our annual Women’s History Month celebration we have the opportunity to recognize women who have contributed to enhancing the quality of life in El Barrio/East Harlem according to the criteria stated below: -Must be a woman of Puerto Rican descent -Must be a resident of El Barrio/East Harlem -Must be active in cultural, social, political efforts that enhance the quality of life in El Barrio, demonstrating leadership, mentorship and/or creativity that is NOT related to employment. -If nominating a young woman (16-24 yrs old), the candidate should be aspiring, mature, active, creat

The Borinqueneers U.S. Stamp Petition Campaign

Activism Signatures wanted: The Borinqueneers U.S. Stamp Petition Campaign

Mayra Calvani says 'Writing for Children is like Walking on a Rainbow'

Reading corner My most recent column at Examiner is an interview with writer Mayra Calvani, a boricua who lives in Belgium. She writes about many different topics and is currently promoting her children's book "Humberto, the Bookworm Hamster." To read my interview, go to Mayra Calvani says ‘Writing for Children is like Walking on a Rainbow’ - Her collection of books have now been added to the PRSUN aStore.

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Submit your Puerto Rican-related link for consideration for the Top 100 PRSUN Directory. This is a directory dedicated to bloggers, websites, nonprofits and even a limited number of small businesses that cater to a Puerto Rican audience. Here's the link: Top 100 PRSUN Directory Empowering Informing Building Community

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Petition drive for a U.S. stamp to honor the 65th Infantry Regiment

Featured cause El Pozo Productions is organizing a nationwide petition campaign to request that The Borinqueneers of the 65th Infantry Regiment be considered for a commemorative U.S. stamp honoring their unique military service as the only all-Hispanic unit in U.S. Army history. To help make this happen, download the Petition Form at . Collect as many signatures as possible. Return the original signed petitions to El Pozo Productions, PO Box 302, Crompond, NY 10517 by February 15, 2010. El Pozo will then forward the petitions to the Committee for consideration. El Pozo prefers to submit petitions as a group to make more of a statement. You may also send your own letter to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee: Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee c/o Stamp Development U.S. Postal Service 1735 North Lynn St., Suite 5013 Arlington, VA 22209-6432. For more information,