Sunday, November 11, 2007


Cotto Magic at MSG
By Ismael Nunez

There seems to be magic when Boxer Miguel Cotto comes to New York City. He’s never lost a fight at the “Mecca of Boxing” Madison Square Garden and he faced his biggest challenge Nov. 10 when he met Sugar Shane Mosley.
The fight started slow for Cotto. Then in the mid-rounds he stood toe to toe with Mosley throughout the fight. Cotto won a unanimous 12-round decision.
For Cotto, it was a real test too.
Mosley did hurt him in the earlier and middle rounds, but eventually did not have enough firepower to KO Cotto. Cotto never lay low. When Mosley moved in for a KO, Cotto kept his guard up and fought back like a fighting rooster.
After the fight, boxing announcer Max Kellerman asked, “Are you ready to fight bigger name opponents?"
Cotto replied, “I'm ready to fight."
The real challenge for Cotto: moving up in the weight class and winning. Let’s see what happens.
Other Puerto Rican athletes making headlines:
Ivan Rodriguez, catcher for the Detroit Tigers, grabbed his 12th gold glove for fielding. A record.
Meanwhile in the National League, there's good news for the NY Mets. Centerfielder Carlos Beltran won the gold glove for fielding.

Ismael Nunez is a freelance writer based in East Harlem who contributes his writings to Puerto Rico Sun.
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