Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bizarre Foods - Puerto Rico


The folks of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods reached out to Puerto Rico Sun to let us know about this show airing tonight.

Here's the info.:

Andrew takes a tour of Puerto Rico where the flavors of the food tell the history of the island. From the deep-fried treats brought in by Africans, to the roasted pork made popular by the Spanish, Andrew tries a variety of traditional foods.

Andrew's culinary tour kicks off with stops not usually seen by the average tourist. First is a local bakery in San Juan where he tries Mallorcas (a Spanish pastry) and Cocas (similar to pizza, but with vegetables and sardines). Next, he visits Plaza del Mercado de Rio Piedras to find some unique local products including: Algarobba, Mavi (a drink made from sugar and tree bark), Corazon, and Caimitos (a star shaped pulpy fruit).

What would a trip to Puerto Rico be without pork? On Sundays, Puerto Rican families like to pile into the car and take a trip up into the mountains of the Guavate Region, where they pig out on roasted pork. There are a dozen of lechonaras that serve pork along the so called “Pork Highway”, but the original is El Rancho Original. In Andrew's own words, "That little bite that I had there is the best pork I've ever eaten in my life!".

Tonight at 10 p.m. on the Travel channel.

source: TravelChannelTV on YouTube

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