Saturday, October 04, 2008

'La Gran Familia'

Photography exhibit by Eliud Martinez
Part of the 4th annual Harlem Open Studio Tour
Noon to 6 p.m. today and tomorrow
MediaNoche gallery in NYC's El Barrio
1355 Park Ave., corner of 102nd St.

Here's an invite from Martinez:

You are ALL invited...please come one and all!

"Many of these are the faces of my own family. Also represented here are friends, acquaintances and people I have encountered in my travels. What they share in common is a Creole cultural identity born out of slavery and colonialism that both synthesize and transcend race."

The primary artist on exhibit...Diogenes Ballester’s “Slave Registry” exhibit at the MediaNoche gallery will be able to see a projection of the Slave Registry of the Village of Ponce, a 19th Century text cataloguing African men, women and children as property to be sold on the auction block. The registry lists some of the ancestors of Puerto Ricans (white and black) by name and provides an eerie entrance into a world that legitimized the sale of human beings.
As a counterpoint to the Slave Registry, Ballester created a “Free Registry”, allowing gallery visitors to share and participate in the historical process. According to Diogenes, “We experience the slave trade as a specific, local event in our country's history, but it is and has always been a global phenomenon, affecting many people in different parts of the world.”

Visitors to MediaNoche gallery can browse through the pages of the Slave Registry and comment in the Free Registry, both online at and gistry.php

Editor's Note: Eliud Martinez aka as DeLares is a member of the Puerto Rico Sun photo group. You can check out his Familia photo set at flickr at

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