Monday, August 18, 2008

La Fiesta

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Fiesta Folklórica Puertorriqueña welcomes Frankie Morales

La Fiesta Folklórica Puertorriqueña, an institution dedicated to
preserving the musical traditions and cultural identity of a community that has been a part of the colorful New York mosaic for many decades, celebrates its 44th anniversary at Remsey Field, in Central Park on Sunday, August 24th.
Every year, "Fiesta" presents talented Puerto Rican artists in an open-air concert, free to the public.
Today it continues to share its proud, thriving culture, with all its fellow citizens of Hispanic and non-Hispanic backgrounds. This year’s “Fiesta” is dedicated to and will honor Mr. Jimmy Horacio, and Mr. Rafael Morales, for their considerable contributions to the Puerto Rican and Latino community.
This year’s program will begin with a religious opening ceremony, typical to Catholic Sunday Masses held all over Puerto Rico, followed by the popular Spanish language television personality Malin Falu, as master of ceremony, who will introduce a lineup of talented traditional artists and groups, including the sensational “DANZA FIESTA”, a dance troupe that delights crowds everywhere they go. This year’s all-day event culminates with one-and-only Frankie Morales and Mambo of the Times Orchestra, who’ll bring his style of salsa to the “Fiesta” stage, joining legendary artists who include José Feliciano, Yomo Toro, Chucho Avellanet, and others among them.
For 44 straight years, "La Fiesta" has successfully presented the best of the best to thousands who enjoy culture through music, dance, art and typical Latino cuisine, as vendors and artisans add to
the sights and sounds of this successful annual event.
On August 24th , we will continue the tradition...

source: La Fiesta press release

(photo by Clarisel Gonzalez of a scene at last year's festival.)

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