Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Yo Soy Latina' is not just a Chick Play


A friend of mine took me recently to a play called "Yo Soy Latina." I was a little skeptic at first thinking it was a chick play, but instead I experienced a very powerful message, freely bringing to the open to some of the stereotypes and prejudices that exist within our Latino nation. I urge you to take the time to so see the play for yourself.
It is very funny and very touching, especially for me being a black Hispanic. Although born and raise in the beautiful island of
Puerto Rico, I always felt unaccepted by Latinos here in the U.S. I'm asked still today if I'm West Indian, Dominican or black. I ask myself why is it so difficult for them to identify me as Puerto Rican?
I believe that it is because of these stereotypes and prejudices that keep Latinos from all over from coming together.
The link below is a web page which will provide additional information on this as well as other Latino plays. They added my comments they recorded about the play to their web. Let me know what you think of the play, I think you are going to love it…


Best Regards,

Walter Hernandez
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