Sunday, June 08, 2008


On the National Puerto Rican Day Parade

Angelo Falcon, editor of Latino Policy, the e-newsletter of the National Institute for Latino Policy, wrote a column in his most recent newsletter about the parade and the media coverage.

He states:

"One of the largest parades in the city, with over 80,000 marchers and two million spectators, and generating great pride among the more than one million Puerto Ricans in the region, however, always gets bad press. Too many pre-Parade stories focused on such things as that there would be fewer police assigned to the Parade this year, but that they were deploying a special unit documenting all arrests made, like the more than 200 unjustified gang arrests that were made last year, or that shopkeepers plan to shudder up their stores along Fifth Avenue. But most disturbing were the reader comments to David Gonzalez's recent New York Times blog on the Parade (check out the comments at the end), prompting the New York Post's Sandra Guzman to comment, "And people complain about the Post?"
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