Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why Hispanic girls can't lose their accent in dating

Reflection on dating...

1. Take your younger sister or brother wherever you go
2. Invite him to church, have friends interview him
3. Need to introduce your parents on the "first date
4. Make sure you help with dating expenses
5. In school, try to remain in your posse, don't isolate with him
6. If you have ethnicity in the midst, share cultural events
7. Hobbies shared, nourishes the heart
8. References are essential in chosing a dating partner
9. Everyday date, might be a bit too much
10. Male friends encourage friendship with him
11. Gifts of thoughtfulness, may mean more than holiday celebrations
12 Music shared, are memories prepared
13. Free dates, are just as fun Going to park or river
14. Invite him out, with your friends
15. Choose a favorite restaurant, they know you as a couple

Reflections are given to me by my Greek and Asian friends too.

-- Samaris Ayala

New York City-based Samaris Ayala contributes her writings to Puerto Rico Sun. She may be reached at
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