Saturday, August 07, 2004




Once your feather had blown unto me
I wondered the beautiful happenings
Became restless and watched the sky
Overall our marvelous migrations above thy
The skies told me it was time to fly
As I set my eyes upon the cottoned clouds
The horizon appeared, and a goose flied
Throwing a feather upon earthly lives
As it floated towards ground under above
You smiled towards land and said to me
A feather, a feather, a feather as gift to you
Adonais my love, a gift from above
The feather, regarded, as the Indian in you
Saw the pureness in the lonesome gift
And its whiteness was bestowed upon me
Graciously to give my soul the needed lift
The Indian in you gave the poet in me
The most beautiful gift in a feather
For it will not matter day, night or weather
We shall find the universal truth together.
c 2004 Fernando A. Zapater

Fernando A. Zapater contributes his poetry to Puerto Rico Sun. Zapater is from Ponce and currently lives in Florida.


Clarisel said...

Fernando A. Zapater is the author of "Cuentos Cortos y Poemas De Un Balsero" (Volumes I and II)and "La Biblia Desnuda."

Clarisel said...

Rest in Peace Fernando.

Fernando passed away earlier this year (2005).