Friday, August 20, 2004


By Fernando A. Zapater

In that poker game god dealt me cards
An anti-Semitic joker as a wild trump
That played me like a well-tuned guitar
To the fine tune of a mashuganov gentile
I traveled 32 hundred miles
To reach the rabbis daughter and reconcile
But imagine a balsero boricua all the while
After he had his heart circumcised
Perhaps in past incarnations I had been
A nazi luftewaggen first lieutenant air force
Maybe I was the roman soldier who gave Christ
His hideous last drink
Or perhaps had been the Jew that condemned
Him to be crucified
It is my karma I accept in mazel tov
All the while thinking in Luria’s mysticism
And when my love for Mordecai borders fanatism
You will know me also as his sidekick companion
Esther’s lover, Lilith’s cousin, a Jew beloved
Like Moses leadership amongst the waters
But when Palestinians explode like watermelons
It is time to corner Arafat with serious questions
Not only traveled a mile for a camel
But 32 hundred for a whole herd
With which we will conquer the west
And will have again Jerusalem and Bethlehem
We must not thrust aside the Palestinians
For they are a tribe that is here to stay
I have been dealt the anti-Semitic trump
It’s now my turn to twist and shout, to hum and hump
We shall live like a civilized tribe
Amongst human, spirits, and animals alike
Love and peace shall prevail amongst all the same
Shalom, Mazel-tov, Hola, Hello, Bienvenido, y Como estas.

c 2004 Fernando A. Zapater

Fernando A. Zapater contributes his poetry to Puerto Rico Sun. He is the author of "La Biblia Desnuda," and "Cuentos Cortos y Poemas de Un Balsero (Volumes I and II)." "Condemned" is published in the Cuentos Cortos y Poemas Volume II edition, which features writings in Spanish and English.


Clarisel said...

Rest in peace Fernando.

Thanks for your support and your poetry.

Clarisel said...

Fernando passed away earlier this year (2005). RIP