Monday, August 16, 2004

A Letter to the Editor

Re: News -- The U.S.A. men's Olympic basketball team lost 92-73 to Puerto Rico in Athens on Aug. 15.

Shaggy Flores - New Generation Nuyorican Poeta wrote in an Aug. 15 e-mail:

Remember that movie Miracle, that opened last year where the under dog U.S. Hockey team beats the USSR? Remember how everyone went ballistic when the U.S. won?
There's nothing better then waking up this afternoon to see a bunch of overpaid prima-donna's get their butts handed to them by some Boricuas from the island. Not just beat them but I mean, beat them from the very beginning of the game. Outplay them in every way. The Olympics are great!!!
Hey, wait a minute, aren't the players on the U.S. team getting paid a whole bunch of dinero just to dribble the ball and make shots at the NBA for a living. Now we know why the NBA doesn't want other teams in other countries to join the action.
Not too long ago T-Mac got into a confrontation with a player from P.R. named Casiano because of remarks that the NBA players were spoiled and overpaid. Fast forward to today and Casiano was schooling the higher paid and sponsorship endorsed team. Did you see the 3 pointer that Casiano shot from far away in the last seconds? Man, this was as good as seeing the Italians stomp on the U.S.
Don't get me wrong, I like watching the NBA since growing up watching Dr. J, Jordan, Spud Webb, Wilkins, Jabbar, Lakers, Celtics when real players put their heart and soul on the floor. This olympic team is a joke, how are you going to represent us nationally and play like a bunch of scrubs.
Sure, I know that might hurt some sports fans out there but truth is truth, if your only job is to play ball then you might as well be nice at what you do. This is why I like watching Street Ball where everyday cats are playing the game not just for the money, but also for respect and love.
Anyway, today was sheer poetry and a wake up call that Boricuas are in the house!!!! Might just have to write a poem about the experience!!!
Pa'lante Arroyo! Pa'lante Casiano! Puerto Rico, Ho!!!!!!
Shaggy Flores
nuyorican poeta


Clarisel said...

News coverage

Upsets Becoming Common at Olympic Games

Clarisel said...

Puerto Rico didn't win the Olympics but that's OK. The men's basketball team gave the island much to celebrate. The international publicity their winning the U.S.A. men's Olympic basketball team gave the island was priceless.

Hooray for Puerto Rico.