Friday, April 08, 2011

Applications wanted: 2011 College Awards for undergraduate Puerto Rican women

In the mailbox

Dear Friend:

We are currently accepting applications for our 2011 College Awards to be presented at our College Awards Gala Dinner Dance at the Marina Del Rey in The Bronx, on Thursday, August 18, 2011. These awards are granted annually to undergraduate Puerto Rican women selected for their academic excellence and service to the community.

To be eligible, applicants must send a completed 2011 College Award Application Form to our post office box, listed above, by the deadline date of June 5, 2011 and meet all of the following criteria:

1. Currently matriculated as an undergraduate student in an accredited institution of higher education, having earned a minimum of 12 accumulated credits.

2. Maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0 with no failing grades.

3. Demonstrate service to the community.

4. Provide an official college transcript.

5. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from a professor, college advisor, employer or supervisor.

6. Submit a suitable 4" by 6" photo of the applicant for inclusion in our Commemorative Dinner-Dance Journal.

The College Award Committee will review only those applications that comply with all of the above six (6) requirements. The essays of the selected applicants will be included in our Commemorative Dinner-Dance Journal and should be written meticulously.

Applications can be downloaded from our website: or requested via phone or email. Thank you for your assistance in publicizing this information to as many eligible students as possible, and feel free to make as many copies of the application form as you deem necessary.


Edith Padilla, President

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Latinos Account for More Than Half of Nation's Growth in Past Decade

Census 2010: 50.5 Million Hispanics

The 2010 Census counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United States, making up 16.3% of the total population. The nation's Latino population, which was 35.3 million in 2000, grew 43% over the decade. The Hispanic population also accounted for most of the nation's growth----56%----from 2000 to 2010.
Among children ages 17 and younger, there were 17.1 million Latinos, or 23.1% of this age group, according to an analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. The number of Latino children grew 39% over the decade. In 2000, there were 12.3 million Hispanic children, who were 17.1% of the population under age 18.
Although the numerical growth of the Hispanic population since 2000----more than 15 million----surpassed the totals for the previous two decades, the growth rate of 43% was somewhat slower than previous decades. Growth rates topped 50% in the 1980s (53%) and 1990s (58%).
Geographically, most Hispanics still live in nine states that have large, long-standing Latino communities----Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York and Texas----but the share living in other states has been growing. In 2010, 76% of Latinos lived in these nine states, compared with 81% in 2000 and 86% in 1990. (In 2000, 50% of Hispanics lived in California and Texas alone. In 2010, that share was 46%.) Despite the pattern of dispersion, however, there are more Latinos living in Los Angeles County (4.7 million) than in any state except California and Texas.
The states with the largest percent growth in their Hispanic populations include nine where the Latino population more than doubled, including a swath in the southeast United States----Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. The Hispanic population also more than doubled in Maryland and South Dakota.
The report includes state rankings and totals for the size, share and percent growth of the overall Hispanic population and the population of Hispanic children under age 18. Also available on the Pew Hispanic Center's website are Excel files containing Hispanic and non-Hispanic population totals in each of the nation's states.
The report, "Hispanics Account for More Than Half of Nation's Growth in the Past Decade," authored by Jeffrey Passel, Senior Demographer, Pew Hispanic Center, D'Vera Cohn, Senior Writer, Pew Research Center, and Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center, is available at the Pew Hispanic Center's website,
The Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center, is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy research organization based in Washington, D.C. and is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

source: Pew Hispanic

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On St. Patrick's Day

(photo by Clarisel Gonzalez)

I have always been drawn to St. Patrick's Day. I love all the green and the spirit of the Irish on this day. To view more photos of the parade, go to

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fundraising Dinner With Roberto Alomar

In the mailbox

An appeal for help: On April 3rd, 2011 Latino Sports will award our newest Hall Of Fame baseball player, Roberto Alomar with the "Boricua Pride Award" for becoming the 3rd Puerto Rican & 10th Latino to be inducted into the most prestigious baseball museum, The Hall of Fame (HOF). The event is also a fundraiser to rent buses to take kids from the South Bronx to a once in a lifetime experience to Cooperstown, NY on July 24th, 2011 to watch Roberto Alomar get inducted into this prestigious hall and to tour the HOF something that none of these children would ever get a chance to do.

If you know of anyone that might be interested in sponsoring, purchasing a table, or tickets, Please let me know ASAP, or pass this information on to them.

The 2010 statistics on the Latino youth, particularly the Puerto Rican youth in the South Bronx is enough to make everyone with a conscious do anything to try and help rescue our youth from this desperate situation.

Un fuerte abrazo,


Information will soon be posted on To contact Julio Pabon, e-mail latsports(at)