Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Support PRSUN for the ASPCA


$55 has been raised so far in the PRSUN for the ASPCA drive at www.change.org/profiles/prsun. Looking for something good to do to make a difference, why not contribute to support the work of the ASPCA, a leader in animal rights?
You can donate as little as $10 to support this cause.
Please think about it.
PRSUN's goal is to raise $500 for the ASPCA.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

(Photo by Clarisel Gonzalez of Sol, the mascot of Puerto Rico Sun Communications)


Anonymous said...

As a visitor to the city of Manati, Puerto Rico, I can tell you that this city desperately needs laws that protect animals. The government of Puerto Rico should be ashamed of itself when it allows dogs to roam the streets, starving, with broken legs and being run over by cars. There are people shooting rocks at them and some people shooting them. There are packs of dogs begging everywhere and multiplying. Cats are running wild and no one seems to care. Why aren't people require to have licences for their pets. Why is there not a place where people can take their dogs or cats if they don't want them. Doesn't anyone have compassion for animals any longer. Animals have feelings too. Please doesn't anyone care?

Anonymous said...

I've been living in Puerto Rico for six months and I just can not take the extreme cruelty that this island has towards animals. I am a dog lover and something needs to be done to punish people who abandon them in the streets. Cats and dogs are roaming wild especially in the beaches looking for food to eat. Many of them are hurt, homeless and starving. Dogs are not able to ask for help and we need to be their voices. I belief it's the responsibility of the government of Puerto Rico to supply shelters and enact laws to protect all animals. Please let us speak up and make changes. How can I help?